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Willunga Basin Trail


Section 10:

Edwards Unmade Road Reserve to Willunga.

(NB gap in this section see map and text)

8.5 km, moderate hike Grade 3.

Along the base of the hills with lovely trees and a few creeks to cross. Willunga is reached by quiet back roads and paths.

FROM: Edwards Unmade Road Reserve (car parking available at the end of Brightview Brae, 400 metres north)

TO: Corner of High St and St Andrews Tce, Willunga (car parking at the Rose Garden, Aldinga Rd, or connect to the Coast to Vines (Shiraz) Trail)


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Follow Edwards Unmade Road Reserve walking in a southerly direction along the base of the hills, over 2 stiles, and through a steep gully and creek to reach McMurtrie Rd East where there is a small area for parking cars. Pass through areas of Eucalyptus Porosa, Knotted Sheoak and Grey Box with views across the Basin.

Cross McMurtrie Rd East and continue to walk along Edwards URR over a creek and through a wooden kissing gate to Pennys Hill Rd.

Here there is a break in the trail between Pennys Hill Rd and Jackson Hill Rd which cannot be walked at present due to alignment issues which are being sorted out.

Join Edwards sealed road at the junction with Jackson Hill Rd and continue on Edwards Rd to Binneys Rd.

Turn right into Binney Rd and travel along it to Strout Rd (historic site Strout Rd Cemetry) and turn left into Strout URR and walk south over a bridge to Edwards Rd.

Turn right onto Edwards Rd and after a short distance, at the electricity substation walk straight ahead, leaving the road. A bare patch of unmade road reserve (soon to be revegetated with native plants) leads to patch of trees and a descent to a creek. Continue through here over the creek and up the other side to continue ‚Äčon Vickery Lane until the intersection with Hall Rd where you turn left. Continue into Willunga along Hall Rd and curve around the edge of the Golf Course on Atkinson Drive until the St James St turn off to the left. Walk along St James St and cross a pedestrian bridge. Continue along St James St to High St extension where the Courthouse and Slate Museum is located. Turn right and walk to the corner of High St.

Turn right into High St and continue to Bridge St. Cross Bridge St and continue to walk to the library (just before the 5 way road intersecton). Cross High St to the intersection with St Andrews Terrace.

This is the end of Section 10 and the beginning of Section 1.